Comment: Quotes of the Week

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"I am a bit of a slob. When left to my own devices, I don't necessarily have perfect nail varnish."

Esther Rantzen (above), TV presenter

"There is a limit to the things politicians should poke their noses into."

William Hague, leader of the Opposition

"We can take the challenge, although some of the younger boys, who have never seen girls before, might be surprised."

Dr Stephen Winkley, headmaster of Uppingham School which is to go fully co-educational

"Robin Cook is not a man I would be inclined to marry, either politically or, were I a woman, for love."

George Walden, former Tory minister

"I have always had a jaundiced view of the media."

Ron Davies, former Welsh Secretary

"I wonder what I did in a previous life to become Sports Minister. I must have been Vlad the Impaler."

Tony Banks,

Minister for Sport