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IN WHICH painting by which painter can you find this back?

Details 375 came from that famous display of foreshortening, Mantegna's Dead Christ (1470s), whose poor wounded feet stick out of the picture, into the viewer's space and grasp (that's the illusion intended, at least). It's in the Brera, Milan.

The first three correct answers pulled out of the hat came from: Ewen McAslan of Pittenweem, Fife; Moira Carter of Handbridge, Chester, and Tony Ridgwell of New Malden, Surrey.

Each will, in due course, receive a bottle of champagne, as will this week's winners. Answers on a postcard (to arrive by Wed 25 Mar, please) to: Details 377, Arts Desk, IoS, 1 Canada Sq, London, E14 5DL.