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WHAT BETTER way to repair the damage done by Damage than to recall the brilliance of director Louis Malle's early career? And with it, the work that Malle coaxed out of his stars, notably Jeanne Moreau (above, with Jean-Marc Bory in Les Amants) and Maurice Ronet, together in Lift to the Scaffold (PG; 1958), singly in Les Amants (15; 1958) and Le Feu Follet (15; 1963); or his widely differing approaches to the favourite subject of growing up, from the comic fantasy of Zazie dans le Metro (15; 1960) to the sexual longings of Le Souffle au Coeur (18; 1971).

By 4 July all five films will have been released on video ( pounds 15.99 each) by Electric Pictures, as part of its 'Louis Malle Collection'; but we have 15 sets of all five videos and 15 copies of Malle on Malle (Faber & Faber, pounds 14.99), a collection of interviews edited by Philip French, to give away. To enter, simply answer the following question:

Zazie dans le Metro is taken from a novel by which French writer?

Answers, on a postcard, to: Malle, Arts Desk, 'Independent on Sunday', 40 City Rd, London EC1Y 2DB, by Fri 24 June. Usual competition rules apply; the editor's decision is final.

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