Competition: Manet winners

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C Anderson, H Wycombe; F Bromley, Lowestoft; S Dodgeon, Solihull; J A Forster, Chatham; E Fussell, Solihull; J Gerlier, SW7; W Hamlin, Cardiff; R M Hicks, Manchester; G Hoffman, NW3; M Little, Aberfoyle; S Jack, Liverpool; N D Lewis, Loughborough; S McDonald, Coventry; M J Morden, Cwmbrn; K H Newton, Bedford; D Oates, N1; L Peacock, Preston; M Piercy, Cheltenham; H Rombough, W1; P Shield, Nottingham; H Simmons, Croydon; S Smith, Birmingham; P Steel, SE10; L Taylor, Newbury; J Watkin, Cardiff.

Answers: 1) The National Gallery's Execution of Maximilian by Manet is in four parts; 2) The full, undivided version normally hangs in the Stadtische Kunsthalle, Mannheim.