Competition puzzles

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Alphanumeric teasers:

If "26 L of the A" is "26 Letters of the Alphabet", can you work out what the missing words are in the following?

10 C R of a T

3 S D A in an E T

32 D F at W W F


By now you should be getting the hang of this numbers and letters genre, so here is a further selection with a distinctly more literary bent than the previous set.

6 C in S of an A

3 M of A D

2 G of V


As if you hadn't had enough, here are some more - perhaps more perplexing than before.

Can you fill in the incomplete words in the following numerical puzzles?

12 W in the P S

7 L in I L W

1 Q M at I E

A prize of the new Chambers 21st Century Dictionary will be awarded to the first correct set of answers opened on 31 October. Entries to: Saturday Pastimes, The Independent, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DL.

3 October Perplexity answers:

No other number has the property required. Winner: GJ Bradley, for an elegant proof of the fact.