Competition results

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ON 14 March we held a competition to win 10 copies of Projections 2 (Faber, pounds 9.99), the second volume of the film annual co-edited by John Boorman. Entrants were asked to name the John Boorman film which starred his son, and to explain why the Bob Roberts soundtrack was not released.

Answers: The Emerald Forest starred Boorman's son, Charley; it was feared that Bob Roberts' spoof, right-wing folk-songs might be taken and used out of context.

Winners: William Turner, London SW6; Jane Merkin, London N15; F Hunt, Dublin; David Whitney, Manchester; Neil Taylor, Chester; Colette King, Cheshire; John Gallagher, London SW8; Martin Colyer, London SW4; Michael Nodes, Middlesex; Andy Smith, London SW8.