Competition Results

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THREE WEEKS ago, we held a competition to win four videos from Tartan Video's Ingmar Bergman collection. Entrants were asked to name the Bergman film on which A Little Night Music was based; and the actress Bergman is reputed to have tried to run over after a row. The answers are Smiles of a Summer Night and Liv Ullmann. Videos of The Seventh Seal, Winter Light, The Silence and The Magician, and a copy of the script of The Seventh Seal, are on their way to: K Jones, Bath; P Tate, Oadby; G Smith, Great Yarmouth; P Gale, Bracknell; M Crombe, Huddersfield; S Allanson, Liverpool; T Stocking, Bury St Edmunds; S Pownall, London N16; S Foulger, London E10; and P Derham, Abingdon.