COMPETITION / Savage Nights: 10 pairs of tickets to be won for 'Savage Nights'

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Cyril Collard's sensational debut film Savage Nights has created a huge stir in France and not only because it's one of the first films to deal with living in the shadow of Aids. Collard has become a kind of folk hero, a modern poete maudit, in the French media because the feckless, bisexual hero of his film, who neglects to tell his much younger lover that he is HIV-positive, is closely based on his own experience. The raw performances, and the distinctive, edgy style of Savage Nights won a flush of French Cesars this year, for Best Film, Best First Film, Best Female Newcomer and Best Editing - the awards were announced last March, just three days after Collard succumbed to the disease.

Savage Nights opens next Friday, and the Independent, in conjunction with Artificial Eye, Quartet Books and Martell Cognac, has 10 pairs of free tickets to the opening night, plus copies of Collard's novel, CDs of the soundtrack, posters and bottles of cognac. To enter, name the two stars of Savage Nights. Answers, on a postcard by 16 June, to Savage Nights Competition, Listings, The Independent, 40 City Rd, London EC1Y 2DB. Please state whether you would rather see the film at the Chelsea Cinema or the Camden Plaza.

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