Competition: Twice Told Tales

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The exhibition in Manchester by photographer Greg Leach, who was artist in residence at Strangeways Prison, ended this week. For those who missed his study of inmate life, there is still the chance to sample his book, entitled Twice Told Tales, about the way advertising dominates cityscapes. Ten signed copies of the book can be won by answering the following question: which was the first company to be advertised on the Berlin Wall? Answers to Leach Comp, Listings, The Independent, 40 City Road, London, EC88 1HY. Winners of Pol Comp: M Maceluch, Coventry; C Ellis, Cirencester; C Heaton, Lancs; L Harris, Dyfed; P Jones, Gwent; P Lamble, Devon; P Cronin, Lincoln; D Sargent, London; J Dinning, Essex; R Isaac, Grimsby. Answer: Christopher Biggins.

(Photograph omitted)