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Elvis Presley: on 18 Dec we offered 25 copies of Amazing Grace (RCA), the double-CD set of Elvis Presley's "Greatest Sacred Performances" (RCA). The first 25 people to send us the required fax were: Aideen Reid, Hovingham, N Yorks; Stuart Ed-wards, London W9; Jim Fleming, Musselburgh, Lothian; Graeme Noble, London W4; Adrian Brodkin, London N2; David Haslam, Hunting-don, Cambs; Matthew Carter, London SW17; Frank Woodgate, London SE3; Anne Szarewski, London NW6; Eileen Symonds, Barking, Essex; Chris Dean,London NW7; Lynda Hill, Shore-ham by Sea, Sussex; G Hurley, Winterslow, Wilts; Paul Rudge, Sutton Coldfield, W Midlands; Mark Scotton, Sherwood, Nottingham; Ms J L Chamberlain, Bath; "Min e rva Chicken", Ash-ford, Kent; Elizabeth Beattie, Mount Florida,Glasgow; Eamonn Sheridan, Newmarket, Suf-folk; Bob Annibale, London W2; Roger Bone, Wythenshawe, Manchester; Peter & Sue Kenel, London SW15; Paul Rice, London SW14; Judith Leighton, Oxford;

Gregory Gosling, Luton.

Many thanks to the 95 entrants who complied with our request to give an opinion on the Independent on Sunday arts pages, and especially to the man who sent two faxes, one saying "Brilliant. Always read them first!", the other saying "Too much journalese,too long to get to the point!". All the comments, even his, have been taken on board. Tim de Lisle, Arts Editor