Creativity Loki

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SUGGESTIONS WERE sought for appropriate forms of transport. Circus equine artists: deux-chevaux (Bill Richardson). Rupert Murdoch: solar- powered car; Scrooge: ghost train; Barry Manilow: Conkord (Derek Holmes). Chancellors of the Exchequer: always take taxis; Delia Smith: by catameringue (Jeff & Marg Thomas).

Voyeur: a peep-hole carrier; shipwrecked sailors: on a barnacle built for two; the Lone Ranger: a Keemo Saab (Peter Thomas). The British Raj: a Memsaab; Ronnie Biggs: dodgem car; Buddy Holly: that'll be the Daewoo (Tony Brandon). Buddy Holly: on Pegasus; Ozymandias: a works motorbike; Dick Turpin: a tandem delivery bike; a wifelet: a Bathyscope; United Arab Emirates: the Emir Space Station (Bruce Birchall).

Colonic irrigationist: a purge-oh; Mafiosi with poor memory: Don-que? (Sue Johnson). Jack and Jill: a cable car (Joan Vinnicombe).

WWF Committee: Fiat Panda (Mary Brooker). Vaughan Williams: VW; the BFG: a BMW, a Beautiful Magic Whizzbanger (Claire Dalby). Good Catholic couples rely on a cycle (Jennifer Moore-Blunt). John Dankworth: a Clio (R.J. Pickles). The Chieftains: tanks; EU ministers: Jacques Deloreans (Alex). Hiawatha: a Fiat Bravo (Shirley Edmundson).

Michael Fish: a nice'n' sunny. Dr Faustus: a Mercy, Hades! (Peter Houghton). Jonathan Aitken: Fraud, Caughtina (Phil Hellen). Paddy Ashdown: the Central Line (J.R. Gore). A Russian novelist: a Fyour-door Dostoyevsky; an American President: a Three-door Roosevelt; Audrey Forbes-Hamilton: a la-di-da; my maternal grandfather: a Ma'zDa (T.M. O'Grady). Medusa: Dodge Viper and an AC Cobra (Michael Bryant-Mole).

Sun-worshippers: Tan-dems; chefs: fork-lift trucks (Magy Higgs). Melina: Mercury; an unknown Welshman: a daewoo? (Colin O'Hare). The House of Lords: a Siesta; Hugh Grant: a Hurley-Davidson (James A. Kelly). Bomb disposal officer: a Grenada (Matthew White). Wordsworth: Daf; King Arthur: Morgan (Andrew Duncan). A Constable: a haywain; a drug-user: a smack (Nicholas E. Gough).

Rada teacher: stagecoach; drug-dealer: speed-boat (Tim Stone). Davy Crockett: a Vauxhall Frontiera (Clive Moxham). Kleenex salesmen: by choo-choo; Mrs Hague: a fford ffiesta (Eric Dunkley). Strip cartoonists: by balloon (John Pickin). Leyton football fans: the Orient Express; Mephistopheles: a Hellicopter (Mike Gifford). Beelzebubble car (B.B.). Bus de Keaton (P.T.). Attila the Honda (M.G.). Alf: a Romeo (Matthew John).

Bill Richardson, Jeff & Marg Thomas and Derek Holmes win Chambers Dictionary of Quotations. Imaginative uses for sticks of rhubarb to Loki. or Creativity, Features, The Independent, 1 Canada Square, London E14 5DL by 28 April . The Creativity Readers' Group, Allies in Wonderland, will hold an afternoon Creativity Challenge on Sunday 6 June in a pub function room in Paddington, London (sae for details).