Critical round-up

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'Ron Howard's Far and Away strains the credulity so far and so fast that there's almost nothing left of it within five minutes. The film lasts 140 minutes, which is a long time to hide under the seat for fear of damaging your brain cells . . . Shot, sometimes spectacularly, in Eastman Kodak's new 64mm stock, the film achieves a sweep that might be recommendable if it were not accompanied by a screenplay made up of cliches of equal dimension and a storyline of which Barbara Cartland might well have been proud.' Derek Malcolm, Guardian.

'If you like your history re-processed in Wishfulfilmentscope - and many do - Far and Away is for you.' Nigel Andrews, Financial Times.

'Far and Away is a bland, misguided, well-upholstered bore.' Geoff Brown, Times.

'The storyline is the stuff of costumed soap, heavily perfumed with peat.' Hugo Davenport, Daily Telegraph.


'Night on Earth enriches its stories with a bouquet of passing pleasures, from Tom Waits's gravel voice singing on the soundtrack to the nocturnal photography of Frederick Elmes. Yet . . . the suspicion persists that Jarmusch is beginning to mark time, squeezing his themes and deadpan visuals into an easily digestible formula.' Geoff Brown, Times.

'At least a partially successful attempt to get away from that special kind of New York knowingness that sometimes renders his films untranslatable to those who aren't dyed-in- the-wool fans.' Derek Malcolm, Guardian.

'An affectionate, wittily observed celebration of individual oddity.' Hugo Davenport, Daily Telegraph.

'At two hours, Night on Earth may be too much of a good thing, but a good thing it undoubtedly is.' Nigel Andrews, Financial Times.