Critics choice: Film

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The Thin Red Line (15)

Terrence Malick returns after some 20 years with a strange, epic drama set in Guadacanal during the Second World War.

This Year's Love (18)

Kathy Burke stars as one of a group of thirtysomethings living in Camden Town trying to have relationships with each other.

Affliction (15)

Nick Nolte stars in Paul Schrader's American tragedy about small-town machismo and an accidental death.

Hideous Kinky (15)

Kate Winslet plays a young mum, taking her daughters around Morocco in the 1970s in search of enlightenment and excitement.

Hilary and Jackie (15)

Based on A Genius in the Family, this shows the life and death of the cellist Jacqueline du Pre through the eyes of her sister Hilary.

Opening on Friday

Central Station (12)

Oscar-nominated Brazilian road movie charting the troubled relationship between a middle-aged letter-writer and an orphan boy.

Pleasantville (12)

A black-and-white Fifties utopia-town experiences the dangers of modern life, care of two late-20th-century teenagers.

Patch Adams (12)

Robin Williams is the doctor who cures terminal disease with laughter.