Crufts 2017: Nosediving rescue dog steals the show on bad agility course run

Olly was taken in by the Blue Cross when he was a 10-week-old puppy

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Crashing straight through a jump and into people’s hearts, a rescue dog has stolen the show at Crufts.

The Jack Russell terrier named Olly was taking part in the Rescue Dog Agility class when his excitement seemingly got the better of him. 

Taking a flying leap at a jump, he misjudged his distancing and brought the obstacle down as he fell through it, complete with an impressive nose dive on the other side.

The alarmed audience gasped collectively but Olly sprung straight back up, apparently unaffected by the dramatic turn of events.

“Oh, what a nose dive!  And he couldn’t care less,” the announcer commented while watching a replay of the tumble.

Carrying on with the course, Olly’s enthusiasm did not wane but he needed a few tries to complete the slalom and tunnel exercises.

“Olly’s totally crazy, as you can see he’s having a ball,” added the commentator.

Olly achieves an impressive leap over the pyramid obstacle
Olly achieves an impressive leap over the pyramid obstacle Crufts

A particularly impressive moment came as he took on the pyramid obstacle at such speed that he appeared to get air over it.

While an immaculately groomed Cocker Spaniel was crowned Crufts’  ‘Best in Show’ on Sunday, it’s possible that Olly stole the limelight.