Cultural Comment: Hobson's choice

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Years it takes the sun to complete an orbit of the Milky Way: 200 m.

Number of dimensions in which Fields Medal winner Professor Richard Borcherds of Cambridge University, analysed the rotations of a cube: 196,833

Cost, per square foot, of Dermagraft-TC, a biotechnologically engineered skin used to cover burns: $3,000

Number of Nazca lines - drawings in the Peruvian desert which predate the Inca Empire - revealed by Maria Reiche, "the lady of the lines", who was awarded Peru's Order of the Sun, and Unesco's silver medal: 1,000

Odds on a graduate at a British university dropping or failing their degree course: 1 in 5

Number of people sitting Welsh A level this year: 953

Number of Catholic nuns or religious sisters in the world: 828,660

Brides-to-be left without dresses when the wedding shop, Happy Ever After, in Falkirk, Scotland, closed without warning last week: 30

Number of Viking historical re-enactment societies in the UK: 50

Hours of tests and assessments a Viking historical re-enactment society member must pass to become a basic villager: 30

Number of "nasty surprises, irregular or discordant passages" in Smooth Classics, Classic FM presenter John Brunning's selection of "the world's most relaxing and mellifluous music to let go to": 0

Ratio of the murder rate of Geneva to that of London: 2:1

Ratio of the murder rate of Washington to that of London: 33:1

Percentage of prisons in England, Scotland and Wales considered overcrowded by the Prison Service in 1997: 50

Number of 9pm-curfew days which local authorities, with the approval of the Home Secretary, will be able to impose on primary school children from September: 90

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