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I WAS in quite a rush this morning, and had an unusually early breakfast at about 8.30am: my breakfast consisted of two croissants, which I had with seedless raspberry jam. I also had a cup of coffee - black no sugar - and some orange juice. Norm ally I have breakfast quite a bit later, at about 10am, and it usually consists of a toasted bagel with cheese, fresh fruit and yoghurt.

This morning I went to the Salvation Army Hall on Oxford Street to do a live recording for BBC Radio 2. We had a break at noon when I grabbed a black coffee and doughnut from the canteen. After this I went to the theatre at about 1.30 where I had a sandwich of mozarella and spinach on granary bread with mustard and tomato. I also had a cup of instant decaffei-nated coffee before make-up. The show started at 3pm and finished at 5.30pm, during which I had no food but drank a lot of fluids: spring water and fruit tea. When the show was over I had a jacket potato with carrot salad and cheese. This was provided by a catering group which serves various West End theatres with rather lovely vegetarian food. I also had rice salad with beetroot, apple and lettuce, and a flapjack. I had another cup of decaffeinated coffee; later in the day I like to stay away from caffeine.

At 7.45 the evening show started and it finished at 10.30pm. It takes about half an hour to get my make-up off, and by that stage I was quite hungry so I grabbed a spicy beanburger from Burger King at the end of the evening before going home.

I had a can of lager and a couple of chocolate chip biscuits as soon as I was home, and then I called it a night.