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BEING on GMTV means I have to get up very early: around 4am or 5am. I had a bowl of porridge before I left, and some bananas and apples on the way to work. I have to have lots of fuel in the morning, otherwise I find myself getting low around 9 o'clock. If I'm hungry during the day I snack on fruit. I rarely drink tea or coffee and never fizzy drinks. Occasionally I have a cup of hot water or a cold drink to keep me going.

I don't follow any special diet, although last month I decided to cut out red meat as it is very fatty. I've never had a sweet tooth, and I suppose healthy eating comes fairly naturally to me. I never eat any sugar or sweeteners now, though in the past I had the odd chocolate bar, usually with nuts. When I first cut sugar out of my diet I got very bad head-aches, withdrawal symptoms I suppose. My nutritionist told me to eat lots of pasta to make up for it and I've been fine ever since.

I went home for lunch and had fish, which I eat a lot. I usually get home about 12, so lunch is around 12.30. If I'm filming in the afternoon I take a lunchbox with nuts, sesame seeds and raisins to nibble, otherwise I get tempted by junk food.

I had an evening class, so I had a cheese sandwich and a malt drink before I went out. After the class I went back home and had supper: more fish with steamed vegetables, rice, avocado and salad. I don't really think about healthy eating though it is important for me to keep healthy, but I do it mainly through all the exercise.