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FOR BREAKFAST I had a large bowl of organic rice genmai miso. This is the traditional Japanese breakfast eaten by 70 per cent of people in Japan. Miso is made by combining kogi - cultured grain or soybeans which have been fermented - with soybeans, salt and water and then letting the whole ferment naturally for three months to two years. To this I added a large handful of mixed dried sea vegetables, including dulse, sea lettuce and nori seaweeds, two cloves of fresh garlic, and a splash of Bonsoy soya milk - which is the best-tasting soya milk I have ever found. This is my favourite winter breakfast and is great for travelling, which I do frequently. It is energising, balancing, detoxifying and protective all at the same time. During the morning I drank a litre of Vittel plus two glasses of fizzy mineral water offered to me before lunch.

I ate lunch at Gran Paradiso in Victoria, my favourite restaurant in London. It does the best salads and fruit salads in the city and its owner, Sandro, grows many of his own herbs and salads and collects wild mushrooms to feed his clients.

Gran Paradiso is a restaurant I adore because Sandro cares so much about freshness and quality of food. I had a huge salad of everything raw - radiccio, ruccola, watercress, fresh herbs - dressed in balsamic vinegar and crushed herbs with no oil. I drank some more mineral water. Then I had wild duck, which I adore (I dislike farm duck since it has no flavour and is too fatty) together with some courgettes, spinach and broccoli. For dessert I had a huge fruit salad full of fresh mango, papaya, pineapple and strawberries. I then had a canarino - which is hot water in which twists of lemon have been steeped - and I also drank a large glass of wine: Cabernet Franc Collio from the vineyard of Count Attems.

In the afternoon I had another litre of Vittel between lunchtime and bedtime. At 5.30pm I took a train from Paddington to Pembrokeshire. I dislike intensely the stuff they serve on the Great Western Railway, so I took a large Thermos of the same miso plus seaweeds with me which I drank on the train. I also took a cocktail of herbal tinctures, which I take morning and evening. They are strengthening yet calming, and enhance immunity. I buy them from a company called Phyto Pharmaceuticals in Mansfield, and mix together whatever I want for whatever purpose. Yesterday I took equal parts tincture of echinacea, purpura, sage, motherwort and golden seal - about one teaspoon of each in a glass of the Vittel water. That was it for the day.