Daily Bread: James Whale: What the television presenter ate one day last week

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A cup of tea, made from tea bags, with a little milk, and the milk has to go in last. A piece of toast, with Marmite and Gold margarine - my only health kick - and a glass of orange juice and a ginseng tablet. I don't think it does any good but my wife insists. There was some great curry left from the night before, sag aloo and vegetable korma, which I had straight from the fridge for elevenses - but not too much because I was going to the dentist later. At about twelve I had a cheese and pickle sandwich. I like that Branston sandwich pickle with no big lumps in it. I had about five cups of tea in the course of the morning - in my favourite bone china mug, which has the letters CBF on it. That stands for Component Broadcast Facilities - I picked it up at a studio, and it's so fine it rings when you flick it. Then I went to the health club to swim. I'm addicted to chocolate and if I have just one, I binge. So I looked at the KitKats but I had a piece of sugar-free spearmint chewing gum instead - I was strong. Then I went to the dentist where I had some of that orange-tasting gritty stuff they use for cleaning your teeth. In the afternoon I had a couple of pieces of toast and Marmite in front of Neighbours. In the evening I went out to my favourite restaurant, Gianni's in Harrogate, with my friend Duncan Walker the heart surgeon. I started off with some very nice garlic bread, shaped like a pizza base, with tomato sauce on it and loads of garlic. Then I had Mafiosa pasta, which is penne with chili, tomatoes, spicy sausage and garlic. We drank a Sicilian white wine, Corvo, which Gianni happened to have on special offer. As I have a sweet tooth, I had to have apple pie, with just one scoop of plain ice- cream. Then a couple of cups of espresso. Then it was time for bed, really. Well, time to go home first, and then go to bed, at any rate.

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