Daily bread: Mary Evans Young: What the director of diet breakers ate one day last week

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FIRST thing I had half a glass of water. Then, for breakfast, it was All-Bran and muesli with half a pear and half a banana, mixed with half orange juice, half water. This was followed by a slice of wholewheat toast with Marmite and a thin scraping of peanut butter, which gives it some bite, and a cup of tea with milk. That was all at about seven o'clock. At about ten I had a cup of hot water - years ago I used to drink loads of coffee, but I was always very thirsty. Water really quenches my thirst. I also had a blueberry yogurt - I wasn't hungry, I just fancied it. Lunch was at about quarter past twelve. I had three slices of brown bread, two of them made into a sandwich with ceviche and raw spinach and cucumber and tomato, the other folded over into a hummus sandwich. I prefer my sandwiches cut into quarters as I like to enjoy them and make them last. I had an orange as well. Later in the afternoon I had a cup of tea and two Black Magic - one with a strawberry filling and the other with three nuts on top. I had made a lamb casserole the night before, with carrot, swede, onions and garlic; I went out and got a French loaf, broccoli and new potatoes, cooked the potatoes and slung them in the casserole. Then I went to collect my grandson from school - he wanted ice-cream so we stopped off for some - chocolate mousse royale or some such flavour. By then it was about five; we stopped off in M & S for some Australian sparkling white wine and some Bulgarian red plonk. I had two glasses of the sparkling white, and one glass of red with my dinner, which was the casserole and vegetables. Then I had one more glass of red at about eight o'clock - more moderate than usual] By nine o'clock I was ready for bed. I always take a glass of water up with me.

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