DAILY BREAD / Scorpio, alias Nikki Diamond: What the fitness trainer and TV 'Gladiator' ate one day last week

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For breakfast, a large bowl of porridge made with water, with a chopped banana dropped in, and a strong coffee with just a little bit of milk in. Mid morning after training, a small baked potato and a piece of roasted chicken - no skin. I always drink continuously during training - about a litre per session - and sweat it all out. At lunch time, tuna salad with fat-free dressing. I buy bags of ready-made-up salad from Sainsbury's, and tuna canned in pure water. This is high energy, high carb, no fat, real fuel food. Mid afternoon, I have a banana - and I drink coffee throughout the day. In the evening, boiled broccoli and carrots, brown rice and a couple of roast chicken breasts. And a glass of white wine, Jacob's Creek. I try to finish eating before nine because it's bad to go to bed on food - when you lie around, that's when it goes to fat. Sometimes I substitute white rice for brown and peel my potatoes before baking them - too much fibre can be bloating. This diet isn't too strict because it's off-season at the moment. Before a show, I cut out the vegetables and really concentrate on the potatoes and rice, because eating carbs makes you dump water and improves muscle definition. Luckily, I really do like potatoes and porridge.

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