DailY Bread: What a model ate one day last week

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AS SOON as I woke up, I had a couple of glasses of water. I have at least two-and-a-half litres a day. I make sure I have a flask in my bag, and keep sipping from it. For breakfast I had All-Bran. Sometimes I have cornflakes or Special K, all low-fat, high-fibre brands. I had the cereal along with a banana, which has protein and potassium. I drank a cup of tea with sweetener in it. I'm not against sugar. I'm thin enough already so I'm not concerned about losing weight. I just prefer sweetener. During the day I'm very busy. (Recently I've been working for Options, Marie-Claire and Company.) I didn't have time to stop for lunch so I had an apple. I always carry one with me, or a banana. If I do have time, I'll grab a sandwich, either egg mayonnaise or salad. I don't eat much meat. Some chicken for protein, but no red meat at all. Then I went to the gym and exercised for two hours. But I'm not too strict with myself; if I've been running around all day I don't go to the gym. I had dinner when I got home, at about eight o'clock: pasta with a tomato, courgette and eggplant sauce - energy food. If I get home much later I'm too tired to have anything. You shouldn't eat just before bed, anyway. Sometimes, if I finish work early, I'll have a snack. A baked potato with beans is good: lots of carbohydrate, not too much fat. I eat what's good for me. I have avocados, for instance, and they are high in fat, but they are good for the skin. Once in a while I do have a bit of chocolate or a biscuit. I don't believe in depriving myself.

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