Daily bread: What the film producer ate one day last week

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In the morning I had a coffee, then went swimming. When I came back I had oat bran with maple syrup, which I always do. More coffee when I arrived at the office, then nothing until lunchtime. I had dim sum dumplings at a restaurant in Gerrard Street, in the heart of London's Chinatown. I eat lunch out every day. I had nothing in the afternoon; I don't really snack between meals. In the evening I went to a lecture at the National Film Theatre, and after that walked to Covent Garden where I got a

Japanese take-away, mixed sushi, though I usually eat dinner at home about half the time. I tend to start the day being healthy and get worse as the day goes on. I drink lots of mineral water, and drink wine in the evenings. Last night I had a glass of white. I like to cook when I'm on holiday. I love the subtlety of mixing spices, so although I was brought up on English food - which I still like - when I cook it's with an Oriental or Pacific bias. I don't eat at times of low energy; I go to sleep.

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