Daily bread: What the first female concorde pilot ate in a one-day New York stopover

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I had breakfast at 8am New York time, which for my UK body clock was about lunchtime. I had cereal with banana on top and coffee, as the tea in America is so dreadful. I always have my coffee with milk - skimmed, or 2 per cent fat. I had an English muffin with marmalade to finish. We were picked up from the hotel at 11.30am, and the next meal I had was on the plane. The captain and I ate the same food as the passengers, but different from each other, as a safety precaution against both pilots suffering food poisoning or sickness.

We took off at 2pm New York time, and were given lunch an hour later (8pm body clock time). It is first-class catering on Concorde, with china plates, linen napkins and so on. I had the fruit starter, as it is the only time you can get fresh fruit on the plane. I then had salmon in a cream sauce, with French beans and carrots. Because it is so easy to get dehydrated, I drank water - no ice, I hate ice in drinks. I had a cup of coffee after the meal, milk no sugar. The flight takes three hours 10 minutes, and I had nothing else that day as it was about 11pm when I got home. Because of the timing of the flight, I only had two meals. But I suffered no adverse effects.