DAILY BREAD / What the Pentonville prisoner ate in one day

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AT the start of day I was woken by the alarm call at 7.30am. Eight o'clock was breakfast time so with cup in hand I made my way down to the ground floor, picked up my tray and bowl and joined the queue. I had a bowl of cornflakes, a soft roll with a boiled egg and a cup of tea. After that I made my way to work at the administration department for nine o'clock. At 10.15am I made myself a cup of coffee and one of the girls gave me a biscuit. Half past eleven was the time to go back for dinner. We had mashed potatoes, peas and a choice of fish or minced meat. I had the mince with two slices of bread, and a cup of tea. I made my way back to my cell to eat my lunch and read the paper. At 1.45pm it was time to go back to work; the time soon passed to three, when I had a cup of coffee and 10 minutes in the fresh air. At four o'clock I had a shower on the way back to my cell. I just made it to tea at five. While queueing I was listening to other inmates, some complaining about their day, others about the food - but it must be hard to please 750 prisoners all the time. My turn came. There was no choice left as I was late. It was pizza, baked potatoes, mixed veg and rice pudding. I had a cup of water with it. At 7pm I had a cup of tea before being locked up for the night. I wrote two letters and played chess with Steve, my cell-mate (I won). At 10pm I went to bed and listened to the radio.

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