DAILY BREAD / Woolly: What Woolly, the thespian dog, ate one day last week

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When Woolly (at present touring with the RSC's 'Two Gentlemen of Verona') gets up he goes for a walk, comes back and drinks a bowl of milk - he won't drink water - and a has handful of dog biscuits with all the nutrients he needs. Throughout the day he scrounges biscuits. On Sundays he has a special lunch of scraps from the joint, with gravy, which he loves. He has nothing in the afternoon. If he can scrounge a chocolate he will: he is also partial to chocolate digestive biscuits. In the evening he has a walk before his meal. He has a tin of dogfood - lamb flavour Caesar. He won't eat any other brand; he's very finicky. He then has two more biscuits and another bowl of milk. He likes them in that order. He has another bowl of milk before bedtime and sometimes some Biscrok - like little bones but actually biscuits. Then to bed.

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