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Corazon Flamenco (below right) has proved a bit of a disappointment. The ludicrous melodrama El Noche de Santiago reaches its nadir when the little guy tries to manhandle the senora into the coffin. However, the evening is saved by the monumental passion of Manuela Carrasco, who dances like a woman with a hornet in her brain. Sadler's Wells, London EC1

Anyone interested in the history of the Royal Ballet's current production of The Sleeping Beauty should tune in to Tuesday's episode of The House on BBC2. Those wanting to see it in person can catch any of the company's stars, any night from tomorrow until next Friday. Sylvie Guillem powers her way through the role of Aurora on Tuesday, Yoshida and Mukhamedov dance on Monday. Royal Opera House, London WC2

Kim Brandstrup's ARC dance company dance Brandstrup's works Othello and Saints in Crewe next Wednesday and Thursday. Lyceum Theatre, Crewe