DANCE / Bedtime stories for the Jung at heart

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YOU COULD be forgiven for thinking you'd dreamt it. Philippe Genty did. From his dreams, he devised Forget Me Not, a world of surreal images that cross Munch with Magritte in a rich landscape where all is not as it seems. Compagnie Philippe Genty is a disciplined ensemble of four men and three women - dancers, actors, puppeteers - whose fluidity and grace give life to what Genty describes as his 'theatre without words, where magic and illusion serve to split the rational, slipping into the subconscious'.

Perchance to dream - about objects that grow bigger and people who shrink, about those with paper bags for heads, about a monkey in a dress (a mocking alter ego), about necrophilia and cannibalism, about waltzing with mannikins that look like you and slipping on an icy street like a drunkard and dancing on the back of an ape, about granite larvae that are wombs, or giant dog turds, or volcano mouths spewing out life. If Genty were his patient, Jung would be swooning.

Forget Me Not is meant to be gazed at, like paintings in an exhibition. The demands it makes are to see and to perceive - not to become involved. But, lasting almost two hours without a break, it is far too long. As it stands, the starers itch to move faster than the stared at.

Compagnie Philippe Genty, Sadler's Wells, EC1, 071-278 8916, to Saturday.

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