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Out On The Windy Beach 23 Aug

The Great Outdoors, South Bank

Lea Anderson's obsession with beachwear and sporty doings has gone back for another dip in her latest work Out on the Windy Beach. She uses three dancers from the all-female group The Cholmondeleys and three from the all-male Featherstonehaughs to explore the iconography of seaside pursuits. The campy, kitsch trappings of the day trip are juxtaposed with the more threatening aspect of the elements. Anderson's sun-lovers live in fear of their god and encase themselves in full protective gear. While her ideas are larger than her movement vocabulary, she always picks very sexy collaborators, uses great promotional shots and manages to turn out consistently attractive work. The music was supplied by Steve Blake and the gorgeous day-glo beachwear by Sandy Powell.

The Great Outdoors, South Bank, London SE1 (0171 960 4242). Tomorrow, 23 Aug, 2pm & 6pm