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Michael Clark Company Thur-Sun

The Roundhouse

Michael Clark - highly original choreographer, extraordinary dancer - is back on stage after a four-year period of R&R, and for the London leg of his company's tour he brings dance to the Roundhouse, home of many fascinating productions in years gone by. Clark's new production continues his habit of putting the strictest ballet technique to such personal uses that many do not recognise its origins, only the unusual and individual manifestation he has made of it. Continuing his liking for modern music, he has turned to Susan Stenger for a "primal thrash" score, to be played live by her and her guitar ensemble Big Bottom. They and their amplifiers on stage provide the decor. Unusual - and economical, too.

Michael Clark Company, The Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 (0171- 420 0171) 5-8 Nov, 8pm