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Dance Umbrella Tue to Sat 21 Nov

Queen Elizabeth Hall

Eiko & Koma are a Japanese-American couple whose mysterious, intense productions have intrigued and delighted London audiences on earlier visits. They incorporate natural objects in their slow-moving exploration of fundamental themes. Returning after a seven-year gap, they bring "Wind", which transforms the stage with feathers and swirls of white light.

Theirs is the first of two shows from New York which this week complete Dance Umbrella's South Bank season. The other, from Doug Elkins's company (above), is a total contrast: hectic movers mix hip-hop and ballet, voguing and break-dance in eccentric manoeuvres. Their new programme was praised by the New York Village Voice as "juicy and daredevil, with moments of tenderness".

Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank, London SE1 (0171-960 4242). Eiko & Koma, Tue & Wed, 7.45pm; Doug Elkins, Fri & Sat 21 Nov, 7.45 pm

John Percival