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Sakoba Dance Theatre Fri - Sun 6 Dec

Purcell Room

Ten years old and based in London, Sakoba Dance Theatre is the Nigerian choreographer Bode Lawal's answer to those who think African dance is all jiggling hips and leopard skins. Lawal wants to move on: not to discard the ancestral forms of his past, but to embrace the international present as well. He and four other dancers perform Myths, which fuses African and other techniques. Expect a spiritual slant: Mystical Songs rides an emotional surge, to the new world music of Adiemus; Creation Myths evokes the creation stories of cultures across the world. Also on the programme is Divine Triples, a solo created by a New Yorker, Abdel R. Salaam, which traces the human cycle from the beginning of life to its end.

Sakoba Dance Theatre, Purcell Room, South Bank Centre, London SE1 (0171- 960 4242) 4-6 Dec, 8pm

Nadine Meisner