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Raices Flamencas 8-13 Sept

Royal Festival Hall

Why is a 15-year-old boy leading a Spanish gypsy troupe? Because his grandfather, "El Farruco", who devised their show and used to be the top man, is now the late, lamented Antonio Montoya Flores, and the family reckon that the lad, dubbed "El Farruquito", has inherited his flamboyant talent for the job. You know the drill by now for these flamenco shows: guitarists dressed in black and white, women dancers and singers in colourful dresses and shawls, men stamping their heels in stressful pride. And this time, whirling or strutting away in the middle like a diminutive human dynamo, will be the lad himself. The show, Raices Flamencas - "Flamenco Roots" - went down big on an American tour.

Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London SE1 (0171-960 4242) 8-13 Sept, 7.30pm; matinee 12 Sept, 2.30pm

John Percival