Dance; Event of the week - Dance Night, Monday BBC2

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Burly comedian Alexei Sayle and porcelain ballerina Deborah Bull (above) are the oxymoronic combination of presenters for BBC's first-ever all-dance night. Why Sayle? Because, despite his looks, he actually taught dance as a drama teacher. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (7.05-7.35pm) is his how-to guide for catching the dance bug. "Dancing is beautiful," he says. "It'll make you live longer, be nicer, stand taller, smile brighter, and think more interesting thoughts." In Dance Ballerina Dance (6.05-6.50pm), Deborah Bull explores the ballerina's evolving image through performances of extracts from five ballets, partnered by Adam Cooper and coached by Lynn Seymour. Also scheduled is footage of Margot Fonteyn dancing, Marcus Ryder's documentary, Clubbing, and two feature films - Strictly Ballroom and Chorus Line.

BBC2, 28 December, 6pm until closedown.