Dance: Event of the week: Les Ballets Trockadero... Thur to 25 Sept Peacock Theatre, London

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Evidently indefatigable and now celebrating their 25th year, Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo are back yet again and set for a long stint to thrill their many London fans. Ida Nevasayneva, Olga Supphozova and other suspiciously masculine Russian ballerinas will perform their unique interpretations of classics such as The Dying Swan and Les Sylphides. Their two programmes also include Merce Cunningham's Cross Currents and their own choreographic confections (Virginia Another Piano Ballet has a good title if nothing else). To claim superb techniques, as does the publicity, is going too far; but enter into the fun and you will have a jolly evening that only outstays its welcome towards the end.

Peacock Theatre (0171 863 8222), London WC2; Gala Night (for Crusaid) Sunday 12 September, 7.30 pm