DANCE / Tango in the night

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Miguel Angel Zotto and Milena Plebs, founders and creative force behind Tango Para Dos, give what has been described as vertical expression to horizontal desire. While the tango may be an argument you dance, its raw soul is not incapable of subtle shades of feeling. Zotto and Plebs are a loving couple: eyes locking, noses touching at the tips, they whip a leg behind the knee, stab a toe to the floor and thrust a leg between their partner's, riding the wailing accordion like proud surfers. The fierce embrace and sexual tension of the tango venerate the passionate, romantic, yearning, flirty couple, whether in a power tussle or, especially among the Italian immigrants who created the decadent dance in the brothels of Buenos Aires, longing for what has been left behind, like mamma's unconditional love. With their co-ordination, complex footwork and hip sways, Tango Para Dos's couples leave no doubt as to exactly why it takes two to tango. (Sadler's Wells, 071-278 8916, to 10 July.)

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