DANCE / Techno City tenement

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JAKE McLELLAN is a bird-man who contradicts the saying that iron bars do not a prison make, writes Anne Sacks. Trapped in his futuristic Techno City tenement, his spirit cracks along with his wings. A neighbour (Constantine Parks) effects his own liberation via fantasy in 'Flying', the latest piece from Motionhouse. Relaxing in a suspended silver bath, Parks becomes the goofy captain of the Good Ship Saxophone, a name suggested by Alain Baumann's urgent neo-modern score. These, and other lavish set-pieces are boldly visual. The realism of the images and steel set have art gallery polish. Overall, the piece could be taken at face value or as a metaphor for the futile pursuit of elusive dreams. Usually it's the former: 'Flying' speaks so loudly it is difficult to catch its more subtle meanings. Skilled dancers are birdy, stylised, shiny. But the scale and stamina of the piece overwhelms the small and medium- sized venues it will play. Over-egging the pudding or choreography ready for bigger theatres?

Southport Arts Centre, 0704 540011, 9 Feb and touring until 24 May.

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