Dance: The Cholmondeleys

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If you were going to stage an outdoor dance extravaganza, you'd probably emigrate first. Not Lea Anderson, who is out on the road again with the Cholmondeleys and the Featherstonehaughs in Out on the Windy Beach (above). Anderson devised the project "because I didn't want to be in dark theatres all summer," but she is well aware of the perils of performing outdoors. In 1995, she choreographed an outdoor piece called Car, which involved motoring round Europe in a Saab which was both stage-set and tour bus. "We had a minimum temperature and said we wouldn't perform in the rain, but we forgot to have a maximum temperature." They fried. Let's hope it keeps fine for them.

Tomorrow 2pm & 6pm, South Bank, London SE1 (Info: 0171-960 4242)