David Thomson's Film Quiz: Were you watching carefully?

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Christmas is the time of quizzes. It's hardly worth beginning this one if you can't recollect which movie man had his 100th anniversary in 1999. But, of course, you can - so advance in the certain knowledge that the quizmaster can be tricky. Enjoy.

l On what sort of premises were William and Alice reconciled?

2 Where did Guy Haines meet Bruno Anthony?

3 What do Vincent d'Onofrio, Liev Schreiber and Angus McFadyen have in common?

4 If Kurtz was 1 and Popescu 2, who was 3?

5 Who appeared in Papillon, Gone With the Wind and Fort Apache?

6 What do Christopher Plummer, Ray Milland and Michael Douglas have in common?

7 What particular thing do Matt Damon and Sigourney Weaver have in common?

8 Name two actors who have played Popeye.

9 Who played C K Dexter Haven?

10 Who played Judith Traherne, and Susan Traherne?

11 Who started in the morgue but was switched to a swimming pool?

12 Who said, "Match me, Sidney"? And what happened?

13 Which actor tried to be himself this year?

14 What debut film is set in rural Devon?

15 Who died on 8 May 1999?

16 Who was 97 on 22 August 1999?

17 What do Jodie Foster and Irene Dunne share?

18 Who married Emily

and Susan?

19 Who married Sherry Lansing, Jeanne Moreau and Lesley-Ann Down?

20 When and how did Robert De Niro beat Michael V Gazzo, Lee Strasberg, Jeff Bridges and Fred Astaire?

21 Who studied Carlotta Valdez?

22 Who played Emily Bronte and sang "The Man I Love"?

23 Who said, "Drink up, Eric. Drink up"?

24 Who claimed to be an Oregon timber man while trying to live quietly in France?

25 Who played the two Charlies?

26 Who wanted to call what "Night in Vienna"?

27 Name one of Lars Thorwald's neighbours.

28 What film began in Placer Valley and ended in Death Valley?

29 What film began in 1980 and ended in 1921?

30 What great star, born in Montana, was educated in Bedfordshire, England?

31 Which actor, famous for incompetence, died this year?

32 What film is set in Salinas and Monterey, California?

33 Which might-be president got Oscar-nominated playing gangsters?

34 What do we call 24 when it changes to 96?

35 Who began with a dog and ended up with an obscure object?

36 Who taught whom to tango?

37 What happened when Mike kissed Susie?

38 What film had three Roberts and a Gloria?

39 What film company had a target as its logo?

40 Name four US directors who did or have done much of their work in England.

41 Name four British directors who have done most of their work in Hollywood.

42 Name an Oscar-winning director born on the Isle of Wight, and an actor born in Beirut, Lebanon.

43 Who had Michael Gambon for a father and John Malkovich as a boss?

44 Who came back in 1999 and was trashed by the critics?

45 Who was John Martin Feeney?

46 Who went from illusion to beastliness to rules?

47 Who played piano in To Have and Have Not and The Best Years of Our Lives?

48 A disappearance, a night, an eclipse - explain.

49 Who was in Short Cuts and The Gingerbread Man and is now in prison?

50 Who got out of Alcatraz, and who said, "Welcome to Alcatraz"?

The answers will be published on Boxing Day