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It would be difficult to combine all the things you want in your ideal day. I would definitely want to start the day at home in Edinburgh with my wife and daughter. We've been away most of this year and we'll probably be away for the rest of it. My daughter, Roseanne, is 15 months old now and every time I come back she has changed completely. So in the morning I'd take her to Edinburgh Zoo (031-334 9171), because she likes animals. Then for lunch I'd do a terrible thing, I'd take her to McDonald's because she has been a couple of times and I know she likes it.

In the afternoon it would be good to go to a football match and watch Hibs beat Hearts, the local rivals, in a humiliating defeat, but seeing as we haven't done that in 21 matches it's a real fantasy. I'd probably meet up with my manager and my brother Charlie, because they're both Hibs supporters as well. From there we'd go straight to a soundcheck because I'd really like to play a gig, particularly in Edinburgh. The gig would be fairly early on, at 8pm, because you're always in much better shape then. We'd do a local venue, anywhere from a small pub to The Playhouse, which holds 3,000 people, with a set lasting an hour and a half. It is a strange choice but I'm not a workaholic.

Afterwards, Italian food would be ideal. There are a couple of good Italian restaurants in Edinburgh, but the Pellicano Ristorante, Easter Rd (031-661 6914) is my favourite - it's only been going for about five years but it has an excellent reputation. I'm not a big one on clubs, I prefer hotel bars - it must be all the travelling we do. I'd probably finally end up in the bar of The Caledonian Hotel (031-225 2433).

Craig Reid is one half of The Proclaimers. The brothers are promoting their new album 'Hit The Highway' with a tour commencing 17 Apr in Berwick-upon-Tweed, and continuing to 19 May

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