Day Out

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There are so many places I would go because I love England - places I haven't seen, everything basic from Stonehenge to Cornwall. Jeanette Winterson's study would be one of the first places I would go to. I don't know where she hangs out but I would find out what her thoughts are, what she is doing, and read her notes. I think she's wonderful.

If I only had a day, I would spend it in London, though. It would have to include the Tate Gallery (071-887 8000) and shopping in Soho and a trip to the lesbian baths there. I think they have them every Tuesday. London has one of the greatest dyke scenes ever. I love those little sex-toy shops. In New York you get sex-toy malls. The British shops have silly devices which I use on stage. Then there are those hilarious ads in the phone booths . . .

When I come to London I eat Indian food period because everything else has been a disaster. They gave me Christmas pudding at Christmas and no one told me about the lucky coins. The luck must be that you don't swallow them and die. I might go to Mildred's, 58 Greek St, W1 (071-494 1634), good vegetarian food. The culture is so different here, I'm like a fish out of water - it makes for some really good stories.

In Edinburgh I'd go to a little Indian restaurant called Lance's (031-332 3444) which does the best Indian food I've ever eaten. I'd also go to the castle and look at the view. The closest thing they have to a sex-toy shop in Edinburgh would I guess be the vegetable section of a grocery store.

Lea de Laria's show 'Queer Brat' runs at the Acropolis 25-29 Aug (031-226 5257), it transfers to the Apollo Theatre (071-494 5040) 1-3 Sept

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