Day Out

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I live in Wraysbury near Windsor with my parents and wife who is expecting our first baby. I get up at 6am to head off to the gym at the Hilton (081-759 7755) near Heathrow airport on my way into London. I do mainly cardiovascular exercises with light weights - I need to do these to get me through my days of rehearsal. The production (Wicked Yaar]) is very energetic and physical and I really need to be in shape. I work out for about an hour and half.

I have breakfast once I get to the National Theatre - usually some cereal and a cup of tea. I gave up meat some years ago, so a traditional British fry-up is out of the question. At the age of 13 I weighed 14 stone so I've become very conscientious about what I eat. At lunchtimes I go for a walk around the South Bank and I'll eat the vegetarian dish that's on offer in the canteen again. The afternoons are usually dedicated to voice, movement and stage-craft classes.

After work I go to Lords on occasions to practice cricket for the play. I tend to go to the movies about three times a week. I watch a variety of films but I think I've grown out of Indian movies. I go to the Bracknell UCI or the Prince Charles in Leicester Square (071-437 8181), where movies are cheap and you get an opportunity to watch films you might have missed first time around. If I like a movie I'll watch it a number of times to concentrate on the photography and the editing - I was a film student once.

I enjoy French food and like the Cafe Flo in Richmond (081-940 8298) and Cafe Rouge in Notting Hill Gate (071-221 4449). They both have a nice atmosphere and you can go there for a cup of coffee, which is nice because I don't like pubs much. I'm usually in bed by 11pm.

Ravl Aujla plays Malik in 'Wicked Yaar]' (a new play by Garry Lyons) which is touring the country until 15 April. Further information on 071-633 0880

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