Day Out

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The day starts with me waking up at my brother's in Paddington and having breakfast. Jonathan cooks a mean omelette but his coffee is not good so we go to La Belle's Snack Bar, 9 Bell St, London NW1 (071-723 3882). Our rehearsal space is on the same street in an old Salvation Army hall. We begin work with an hour's jamming - dancing and improvising with the voice. We don't talk to each other during this. Then we stop to talk. We have difficulty communicating so we do some more jamming. We're wearing light jogging trousers because most of the improvisation is physical.

At lunchtime we would go back to the snack- bar. I would have one of their excellent tuna sandwiches, while Jonathan would go for the avocado and bacon. Then a take-away coffee and back to his place for phone calls and general strategy. We don't go to pubs, except the one round the corner in Daventry St. It has no character, just functions as a pub so we only know it as The Pub Round The Corner. Between two and four we switch between attempting to work and total reverie. If things are going really badly we'll go for a nice walk. This can mean a trip to Soho or Covent Garden. Church Street Market up the Edgware Road is good. We often do stream of consciousness as we walk.

If we've lasted to five then we'll go on to seven or eight and that's when the jamming gets put into a structure. If we want to reward ourselves we'll go to the Bamboo Kuning, Seymour Place, W1 (071-723 2920). It'a a Thai restaurant - not over lively, not dead. If we finish early we'll cook up some pasta. We don't go out that much really.

Barnaby Stone is one half of Ralf Ralf. The sibling double act performs 'It's Staring You Right in the Face' 28 Jan, QEH (071-928 8800)