Day Out

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Ideally I'd like to drive along The Great Ocean Road on the coast of Southern Victoria, Australia, which is where my current production of Eva and the Cabin Boy is set. Realistically, I'd spend the morning pottering about the roof garden at my home near Oxford Circus. I'd have breakfast at Titchfield Cafe (071- 636 1780) nearby. You can hardly see the building for flowers. It's a genuinely eccentric place, adorned with lamps, statues and basins.

People write off Croydon, where I work, as a hideous office jungle a million miles from anywhere. In fact for lunch I'd recommend Hockney's (081-688 2899), a very celebrated vegetarian restaurant on Croydon High Street. The food is stunning and their soups are justly famous, with extraordinary combinations of ingredients. If it were nice, I would have a take- away in the Queen's Gardens, one of the few remaining Victorian features of Croydon. They're almost under the road with walls of wistaria rising up to about 15ft. They're beautifully kept and very peaceful. You come up out of them to the newly restored Town Hall which is about 120 years old.

A perfect day out would include a performance at The Warehouse Theatre (081-680 4060). Dinner could be at 34 Surrey Street (081-681 3316), a quite stunning American fish restaurant. They do steak and fish combinations - surf and turf - oysters tucked into fillet steak, that sort of thing. You don't expect to find a Michelin recommendation in the heart of Croydon. Inevitably if we've got a show on we'll go up to town to Joe Allen's (071- 836 0651) and watch actors let off steam.

Ted Craig is artistic director of The Warehouse Theatre. 'Eva and the Cabin Boy' runs to 26 Jun

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