Day Out

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It's terrible but I always seem to think of food. I would start the day with a lovely breakfast with everything thrown in at the Ritz Hotel, London W1 (071-493 8181) - the real English breakfast, crispy bacon, that sort of thing. I'd go with someone who was very warm and funny and who made me laugh. I'd rather have a chauffeur- driven car otherwise someone would be swearing about the traffic - probably me. It doesn't have to be a Rolls-Royce because I get sick in the back of a Rolls - I always have to travel with the driver, which is a bit demeaning.

I love small planes but I'd choose to fly by helicopter to the Lake District, because I've never been in one before. I'd go to the Miller Howe, Rayrigg Rd, Windermere (05394 44522) which is a famous hotel with a restaurant overlooking the lake. I can't remember the name of the man who runs the joint but he does all sorts of television things. For lunch I think I'd start with a mixture - some smoked salmon, caviar and prawns. Then I just love roast lamb with rosemary, roast potatoes and carrots. Pudding has got to be something over the top, with common custard. I suppose I could walk it off but I'd rather get someone to take me out in a boat - that way it wouldn't be me rowing it off. Afterwards I would have scones with strawberry jam and cream.

In the evening I'd go to Stratford-upon-Avon, such a beautiful part of the country and have some delicious pate and fresh rolls on the way. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been there for at least seven years. I would see whatever was on and then stay the night in the beautiful village of Bradford-on-Avon nearby.

Honor Blackman is currently touring her one- woman musical show 'Dishonourable Ladies', Next date: 15 May, Stables Theatre, Wavendon, Milton Keynes

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