Day Out

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I'd like to compare one of the days I spent in London promoting The Avengers videos with the day I would like to have had. On one day alone I was interviewed on The Big Breakfast, then went to Planet Hollywood, where I presented a bowler hat. After that I went to the Forbidden Planet in Oxford Street and signed 400 video cassettes, and met all sorts of people. Then to the BBC for an interview with Diana Rigg. It was the first time I had seen her for three years and so it was a very warm occasion. I then did five interviews back at The Athenaeum Hotel and ended up looking like Liberace. Finally I had dinner at The Ivy Club with a journalist friend. I used to frequent it when Noel Coward and all those people were there.

What I would have liked to have done if I had the time is quite different. I used to live in the New Kings Road in the 50's and whenever I could I took my little boy out in a pram along the Embankment as far as I could. I'm a great walker. In my day there wasn't a National Theatre so what I would like to have done is spend the day there. I would have had lunch at The Savoy (071-836 4343) which is still the best food in the world, good old fashioned English. I would then walk across Waterloo Bridge which is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, and arrive at the National. You wouldn't have to leave it until midnight. I think that the National is arguably the best place for entertainment of any kind in the world. It has lovely restaurants and you can see the best acting at half the price of anywhere else. It's like spending the day at Wimbledon if you are a tennis player. Basically, the whole essence of London is what you do on your feet.

Patrick Macnee lives in Palm Springs. The Avengers 1-3 were released by Lumiere in October. Vols 4-6 on release from 29 Nov

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