Day Out

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My ideal day would start off in the morning with a cup of hot chocolate or herb tea and a croissant or something slightly continental. If it was a really sunny day I would go out and take a nice walk to the local pond and feed the fish, followed by some exercise - perhaps a game of tennis. Then head for the Tisbury Cafe, High St, Tisbury, Wiltshire (0747 870733) and have some brunch - their carrot and apple soup is divine, with some toasted cheese and mushrooms.

After lunch I'd like to go to the south coast and hire a vessel and sail with my two sons. We'd go to the Isle of Wight and find a nice cove and put the anchor down. For tea I would have bought some takeaway food from one of my favourite Indian restarants, Govinda's Vegetarian Restaurant, London W1 (071-437 3662) - rice, daal and a sabji (vegetable dish) with the avocado salad. To drink I'd have some freshly extracted apple juice with a hint of ginger. Then, our noses into the wind, we'd sail back to land.

I'd tell my kids to run along and do whatever they wanted for the evening and find myself a partner for the evening to catch a good show, something like Five Guys Named Moe, or Larry Adler singing Gershwin at the Jazz Cafe. Then we'd head straight home to Wiltshire to spend a few hours getting cosy. My internal clock is a bit erratic at the moment - if I had to get up for the theatre the next morning I'd probably get to bed by midnight otherwise I'd be in bed for 10pm and get up the next morning before the sun does.

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