Day Out

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It would have to be a Saturday and it would have to be in summer. I'd start in Hampstead, in The Coffee Cup (071-435 7565) - it's quite cool, and they do a damned good breakfast. I've got a classic sports car, a red Alfa Romeo Spider. I'd jump into that and go out of London. Not deep country, but somewhere away from Queen's Park, where I live. I often go to Richmond for a drink on the river and picnic in the park. In an ideal world though, I'd meet my girlfriend for lunch in Paris.

A good thing to do in the afternoon would be to go down to my local Go-Kart racing circuit, Cobra Raceway, Barlby Rd, W10 (081-964 0011). I normally go with 15 friends - it costs pounds 50 each, but you can race as much as you want. I'd hit The Lingfield Club in Belsize Park (071-722 8220) at 4 o'clock, have a sauna and a massage, and be ready to go out from there into Soho, to a cafe like Bar Italia (071- 437 4520) and meet a few friends. An imperative would be to go to Atlantic Encounter (071- 287 5321) off Regent Street; it has sofas and a bar in the middle of the room. The beauty of the place is that it's open until 3 o'clock. We'd all go for a Chinese meal at the Canton Restaurant (071-437 6220), Great Newport Place, WC2. What's nice is that it's not tourist Chinese, and the food and service are good. After dinner we'd go to a club - probably Billion Dollar Babes, Gt Russell St. It's not a regular club crowd - there are guys that dress up like banana heads, for example. You walk out of the club at four in the morning and it's like, 'what - daylight?' so I'd probably go to Hyde Park, watch the sun rise and chill out.

Fraser James, actor, is currently to be seen in 'Frank Stubbs', ITV and 'Shopping', on release