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I don't go out much. I live in Andreas on the Isle of Man as well as Epsom. An ideal day for me would be to watch the TT (Tourist Trophy) racing. It's the most exciting race in the world, and takes place in the last week of May and the first week of June. All the roads are closed as thousands of motorcylists descend on the island from all over the world: Germany, Argentina, you name it. They're all smashing people - there's never any trouble. I go to various spots to watch it, at sites with names like Bungalow and Alpine Corner.

Otherwise, there are lovely walks. The area round Mount Snaefell is beautiful, with electric trams going through the countryside. I walk nearly every day, and jog now and again.

Something I like to do is go to Newcastle to visit an old pal of mine and play golf. He was in the army with me and we've remained chums ever since - I visit him three or four times a year. We'll always go and see Newcastle play if there's a match. We'll drive just outside Newcastle to Fenham to a restaurant called The Oven Door (091-272 0913). It's real down-to-earth ex- army food, stew, dumplings, steak and kidney pie. I don't like pate de foie gras and all that cobblers. We might even go to The People's Theatre (091-265 5020), which has some excellent stuff on. I don't mind a late-night curry now and then.

The island has everything you need. The Gaiety Theatre in Douglas (0624 625001) is very good and there are cinemas and dance halls. I'm not averse to a dance, but discos are not my scene.

Norman Wisdom appears at the Royalty Theatre, Great Yarmouth tonight; the Festival Theatre, Paignton on Wed; the Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage Thur 7 Apr and tours to 5 May