Dazed and confused

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Dazed and confused

Poor old Weasel! He seems to be having a serious crisis of identity these days - first he can't decide on his proper habitat (the City Road versus Canary Wharf), and now he seems to have converted to being a semi- aquatic herbivore! Last week (Up & Down Canary Wharf, 18 February), not only did he confess to watching avidly the Secret Life of Plants because his "relationship with the things is...intestinally direct", but then he concluded his column with the admission that he had spent his "lifetime sneaking through the shallows of a hundred ponds and lakes". Is he becoming a vegetarian mink? Maybe he has been taking advantage of the new Dzhuna- 1 machine, because, after all, he quotes the Russian mystic healer Dzhuna (with thinly disguised approval) as saying, "I want to live, and I don't see why chickens shouldn't too." Perhaps he should seek a few sessions with a zoologist to get him back on the right track.

ann lackie

Islip, Oxfordshire